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Intelligent Intellectual Property Protection Solutions​​​​​​​

Creative assets are under assault in today’s digital world, Our platform is an innovative Artificial Intelligence to protect you from fraudulent competitors

Customer protection

You have an inherent right as a consumer to purchase authentic products, software, NFTs, and artworks. Intelligant Ltd. provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that utilizes automation to safeguard you against counterfeit brands, digital content, and NFTs.

Hall of Fakes

Our service provides a free platform for the public, where they can access a list of potentially fake items identified by our search engine, as well as submit reports of counterfeit items for publication. This information is made available to the public to increase awareness and help prevent the spread of counterfeit goods.​​​​​​​

​​Automatic report

a fully automated AI powered IP and NFT protection
platform that will enable brands, creators and innovators in the online
marketplace to create, manage, protect and monetise NFTs and IPs

Let us Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Intelligant Ltd.
offers a fully automated SaaS platform for
brands, digital content companies and NFT creators to protect your patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, license and NFTs.

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