A case of Brand Protection Solution​​​​​​​

Intl Med. UK as a well known producer of medical devices such as  pace-makers, thermometers, respirators, insulin pens, and hearing aids has received a summerised report from our AI that in different websites their products are sold but probably fake ones and reputation of the company due to low quality of sold product is in imminent peril.
lntelligant Ltd, automated AI powered platform for providing brand protection by detecting and removing counterfeits from global online marketplaces detected counterfeits, grey markets and IP infringements, The platform also captured key data on offending listings and sellers and provided a report to the manufacturer.
by identifying high risk sellers and match data across platforms to discover the real source of threat and obtain a
holistic view of counterfeiting activities and key insights to make informed decisions beside sending legal notice letters to counterfeiters that are most likely to affect the brand, as well as suggest and leverage local teams to carry out further investigations globally, it published their name in the Hall of fake and every customer can reach to the result by a simple search.
It is noticeable that Intelligant AI keeps analysing brand protection results over time to offer strategic decisions by providing a performance dashboard that will show the performance metrics and allow a comprehensive analysis of the counterfeit landscape by showing consolidated infringement data by the country, marketplace, asset and seller. Intelligant in connection with best IP lawyers also provide IP Consulting services review the infringing listings and provide consulting on removal processes with appropriate legal action.​​​​​​​

    A case of Software Protection

Sneak is an AI-powered tool developed by Adobe to protect its intellectual property by detecting and preventing piracy of its software products. The tool uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze large amounts of data from various sources, such as social media, online marketplaces, and websites, to identify patterns of piracy.
Sneak works by analyzing the unique characteristics of pirated versions of Adobe's software and distinguishing them from legitimate versions. It can detect even subtle differences between pirated and genuine versions of the software, such as variations in the code, file size, or metadata.
Once Sneak identifies a pirated version of Adobe's software, it can take several actions to prevent its distribution and use. For example, it can send automated takedown notices to websites hosting pirated software, block unauthorized users from accessing the software, and provide data and insights to law enforcement agencies to help them take legal action against infringers.

Sneak has been highly effective in protecting Adobe's intellectual property, reducing the number of pirated versions of its software being sold online and improving its reputation in the market. The tool has also been recognized as an innovative and effective solution for combating piracy and protecting intellectual property.

Overall, Sneak is an excellent example of how AI technology can be used to protect intellectual property by detecting and preventing piracy, safeguarding the reputation of content owners, and promoting a fair and legitimate market for digital products.